Find a quiet space and picture the full moon in your mind or perhaps settle somewhere where you can see the full moon. 

You can either be seated or lying down so that you can relax and be supported by the ground beneath. 

If you have a mala necklace, have your mala by your side and/or on a window sill where it can absorb the light of the full moon.

Mala Necklace Design For Full Moon Meditation Anxiety Mindfullness 108 Beads Yoga Positive Affirmations Wellness Lava StoneThe Full Moon Mala Necklace By Chanting Stork

Create a relaxing atmosphere by dimming the lights and using diffusers with your favourite essential oils. 

Take a moment to close your eyes and soften all the muscles on your face, eyes, cheeks, jaw and tongue. 

Relax and become aware of the sensations of the breath, perhaps you can feel the air passing through the nostrils, the gentle rise and fall of the chest and belly as you breathe in and out through the nose. 

Allow the inhalations to be a warm welcome gift, the outgoing breath to feel a sense of letting go into the support of the ground or chair beneath. 

Notice sounds, sensations and feelings and begin to ask yourself what energy you want to carry forward into the month ahead. 

What energy can you absorb from the full moon? It could be it’s light, strength, abundance or peace… Whatever word comes to mind, absorb this word into your being by making this your mantra. 

Depending on your chosen word, fill the gaps by saying ‘I am… (Strong, for example)' and recite this mantra as you run your fingers over each bead of your mala or simply repeat this positive affirmation silently to yourself. 

As you relax, imagine the moon shining its beams brightly on to you and as you breathe in feel the light of the moon expanding into your body and illuminating your being whilst repeating your mantra. I like to repeat a mantra 3 times so I can begin to embody it. 

Just as the moon reflects light from the sun, allow the light to reflect from you. 

Start to awaken your inner goddess that wants to blossom and become free. 

Remain here in this place of lightness and peace for as long as feels good for you. Then ask yourself what energy it is you wish to carry forward into this coming month? 

When you do eventually begin to stir, perhaps try writing down anything that has arisen from the meditation and notice thoughts, ideas and opportunities to help you grow.


Becky Duncan
Becky Duncan

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