by Becky Duncan December 02, 2020

With its intrinsic layering and earthy natural colour palettes, boho styling is one of the most versatile looks out there and wearable in all seasons – but it can be hard to get it right at this time of the year!

With the long winter nights and short chilly days we can easily start to lose ourselves by getting all wrapped up in layers and layers of clothing. So, if you're feeling like it is time to freshen up your winter boho look here are some style tips from Becky, Founder of Chanting Stork on how to tap into your inner gypsy soul.

It might be easier than you think!


Fringing and tassels are a classic boho chic feature. They bring an air of fluidity into any outfit and add a sense of liveliness without being overwhelming.

You can embrace this look with long layered tassel necklaces and the more you wear the merrier! Or combine your chosen mix of coloured tassel bracelets to uplift and wake up an autumn winter outfit.



One of my favourite things about the bohemian chic style is that you can mix vintage pieces with new styles to create a look that matches your personality.

People often pair avant garde colourful patterns with neutral pastels to balance an outfit – I disagree, now is the time to be playful and crazy with colour clashes and combinations.

Find these colourful mixes in our vintage fabric banjara bags and pouches and be bold with your colour clashes in the accessories and jewellery you wear – small things can shout loudly!

Winter Wardrobe Ideas Bohemian Styles


Whilst it’s not a look, we spend so much of our time inside during this cooler season, so why not bring a new dimension into the air and ‘dress’ your home with scent.

Refreshing citrus tones like clementines, oranges and lemongrass are a sure way to brighten up any mood.

The Full Moon Necklace can be used as a diffuser

One of my favourite tips is to simply place the essential oil of your choice on to any of our lava stone jewellery so it can act as a diffuser and you can carry this energising happy vibe with you for the whole day, especially when it naturally rubs your wrist when being worn.


Peaceful Warrior Diffuser Bracelet Lava
The Peaceful Warrior Lava Stone Bracelet

Do something different, try wearing your mala beads wrapped around your wrist for an extra lift. That way you can add liveliness without overwhelming your look or going too far outside of your comfort zone.


Lastly remember whatever you do, don’t be afraid to experiment…..Back in the 19th Century to be bohemian was to live an unconventional lifestyle, to break boundaries and to reject mainstream political and social viewpoints.

Yes, there is a little of that that lives within all of us but these days those bohemian vibes live on through our creativity and dreams, they are reflected and expressed in the way we live and dress; the artists became a work of art in themselves, a new level of individuality that was unheard of at the time.

Be unique, be wild, be you x

Becky Duncan
Becky Duncan

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