It's common knowledge that our bodies are built from the foods we eat, which are in turn grown from the sun.

So put another way, we are made from sunlight… WOW, isn’t mother nature incredible?

To keep us and the world shining brightly we are all becoming more conscious of the need to take care of and protect our incredible planet, so mother nature can continue to give back to us.

Responsibly sourced yoga products sustainable sandalwood chanting stork

The culturally driven shift over the past century towards organic farming and sustainability has led to fewer chemicals contaminating our water, soil and air.

Increased awareness and consideration for the environment has led to demand for ethically sourced and sustainable products. Governments have responded with regulation to provide assurance of harmonious re-integration of what we take back into the ecosystem.

These two societal changes we are forever grateful for, as they resonate with our deep belief in sourcing sustainable and organic products that contribute to (not detract from) our harmonious relationship with the environment.

Our search for products and materials has many times led us to the shores of
India, with it's rich spiritual culture infusing many of the materials we weave into our Mala designs and lifestyle pieces.

Sustainable Sandalwood Forestry Commission Approved Bohemian Jewellery Design

One material we have been particularly drawn to is mother nature’s gift of sandalwood.

This much revered, mystical tree not only releases oxygen for us to breathe but has a beautifully rich, deeply woody scent that has been used as a meditation tool for literally thousands of years. It carries a kind of wisdom which - if respected and honoured - can work alongside us as a guide through our modern everyday lives.

Sutainable Sandalwood Plantation Ethically Sourced Boho Lifestyle Products
“And so we must nurture Sandalwood, as Sandalwood nurtures us“

It is widely believed that sandalwood’s precious-wood scent, which is long-lasting, soothing and fragrant, can stimulate sensuality, grant a sense of awareness to awaken divine thoughts and invoke tranquillity within.

I personally find that wearing and inhaling it's aroma calms my anxiety and reduces stress, for me validating it's renown as a sedative wood. I can completely understand why it is classed as an antidepressant and is so widely used in eastern cultures to promote profound relaxation.

We use 'Indian Origin Forestry Commission Approved Sandalwood' which is classed as 'wild flora' and highly protected by the government who work to ensure the continuous planting of trees.

Sandalwood Indian Plantation Reserve Sustainably Sourced

Chanting Stork Sandalwood is the most highly regarded of all species 'Santalum Album' which only flourishes in certain parts of the universe. India is the luckiest Country, where the highest grade of this species can be found and although other Countries have tried to grow this variety they have not been able to develop the quality of fragrance.

Scented Sandalwood Highest Premium Quality for Jewellery High Quality Ethical Supply Chain

This exclusivity, concerted efforts to protect the species and associated medicinal value is why 'Santalum Album' Indian Sandalwood has such a high monetary value, which we must completely respect and is reflected in the prices of our beautiful scented premium malas.

Once you hold this smooth gift from mother nature in your hands, you simply need to inhale and breath in the milky precious-wood scent to realise it is a welcome gift from the divine, one we must protect and nurture and love.

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Becky Duncan
Becky Duncan

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