Hi and welcome to Chanting Stork, I’m so pleased you’ve found us!

My name is Becky, I have been making handmade mala beads since 2014.

This was a significant year for me, as this was the year I became a mother and graduated as a qualified yoga instructor.

It was a year of discovery, growth and transformation.

A ‘Stork’ the symbol of ‘New Life’ suited this precious happy and enchanting time and so Chanting Stork began.

Yoga is primarily my inspiration for pretty much everything and lies at the heart of Chanting Stork.


‘We are all strung on a universal thread of love.’ Amma

Authentic and natural gemstones are mindfully used according to their associated energies, however colour and design must also play a large part in achieving balance.

One common aspect of Chanting Stork mala’s is the use of sandalwood. You will find this aromatic raw element in nearly all of my malas, as it smells divine and evokes a sense of tranquillity and peace. Our sandalwood is sustainable and forestry commission approved.

Historically mala beads were used for Japa Meditation. This form of meditation is great for everybody and even those who a completely new to meditation as it utilises multiple points of focus: the breath, the mantra, and the touch and movement of the mala beads.


Life is a constant moving mediation. It’s about discovery, learning the magic and power that lives within each and every one of us. An understanding so we can interact on a much deeper layer with the world around us.

Taking care of and appreciating all sentient beings and this beautiful planet.

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