Chakra Mala

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“We are all beads strung on a universal thread of love”

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Imperial Jasper Red/ Orange: A stone of balance. It balances and grounds the base chakra, bestows courage and willpower from the sacral chakra to achieve ones goals.
Jade Yellow/ Turquoise: Known as the dream stone. Enables understanding of dreams. Beams love, courage, chastity and wisdom.
Aventurine: Stone for the heart chakra bringing comfort and balance to your life. A regenerative stone, strengthening and stabilising the heart.
Sodalite: Representing the throat chakra. A of logic, rationality and efficiency. Great for healing breaches in communication brining truth to all communications.
Amethyst: Creates stability, strength, inspiration and a try sense of peace.
Tiger Eye: Serves as a powerful balancing stone and protects the wearer against negativity. Provides confidence and courage.
Black Onyx: Helps with objectivity and making intelligent decisions. Balances male and female polarity.
Sandal Wood: Celebrated as the perfect meditation tool for thousands of years. It is widely believed that sandal wood scent can stimulate sensuality, invoke tranquility and promote profound relaxation.


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