Sunshine & Happiness Mala


“Keep the light in your heart. Create your own sunshine and your soul will beam”

A mala of happiness and emotional balance

Mantra: I am sunshine, I am bright.


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Carnelian: A stone that brings happiness, creating emotional balance. It helps to focus the mind and aid in the decision-making. Reduces feelings of depression and loneliness. Supports healthy function of spleen, pancreas, kidneys and gal bladder.

Rose Quartz: The stone of universal unconditional love, including self-love and mother’s love. This stone purifies and opens the heart creating space for self- acceptance and the reassuring calm that comes alongside this.

Howlite (Yellow): Is a super-calming stone and many people use it to relieve stress of all kinds. It makes an excellent antidote to insomnia due to an overactive mind.

Sandal Wood: Celebrated as the perfect meditation tool for thousands of years. It is widely believed that sandal wood scent can stimulate sensuality, grant a sense of awareness, invoke tranquility, awaken divine thoughts within and promote profound relation.

Guru Stone is also Carnelian to make your soul shine bright!


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