Gratitude Mala Necklace

‘You are loved and cared for and have enough to live a beautiful life’

Positive affirmation: I Am Grateful

With the purchase of this mala, you will receive a printed scroll with the description of the stones and this affirmation as a reminder of all the simple, subtle and beautiful things such as the gift of breath, life, family

Teal Apatite:
These crystal help to find clarity of mind because it reminds us that what lies before and behind are of little consequence. It’s the energy that lies within that holds the key to eternal happiness. Setting an intention is an excellent way to access the Apatite stone benefits because it aligns the mind with a specific goal

Olive Jade:
Combines the green rays of growth with the yellow rays of pure sunshine, a time of development, strength and maturity. It enhances our receptiveness to new meanings and ideas, and lights the path to wisdom and understanding. It is a talisman of the search for knowledge and enlightenment

Camel Jasper:
It is a protective stone that particularly gives protection during travel, both physical and spiritual. It shields one from negativity and also protects form depression

Is a both soothing and fragrant. It attracts positive energy, and clear perception and promotes tranquillity. Wearing Sandalwood acts as an antidepressant, antiseptic, and is a sedative wood. 

Guru bead is engraved sandalwood and finished with a red silk tassel to represent life and vitality

Hand knotted, handmade and designed with love

Size & Fit

108 Beads - 6mm each
Guru Bead - 8mm signature engraved
Antique bronze spacers
Hangs 50 cm. Length is approximate as each piece of jewelry is unique.

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