Joyful Being Essential Oil Diffuser Set

Joyful Being
Chakra: Solar Plexus Chakra
"Inhale joy, exhale and allow that joy to
diffuse into your being".

Place a few drops of Zephorium essential oil onto the black lava stones within the bracelet, the lava stones are wonderfully earthy and very porous. As the aromatherapy settles into the stone place the bracelet on your wrist, repeat the affirmation and deeply inhale the aroma.

“I am abundant in
everything I ask for.
I receive with gratitude.”

By allowing the aromatherapy to rub along the pulse points, the benefits of the oil will reach your body sooner through your bloodstream. You will also smell divine as it acts as a perfume. Re-apply as needed.
Mala Bracelet: Yellow Jasper, Lava Stone and Sustainable Indian Sandalwood. 
Joy & Abundance Organic Essential Oil Blend: infused with citrine crystal and blended with grapefruit, lemon and lime oil.

Energetic Benefits:
Zest For Life