Mindful Mala "I am loved"

"I Am Loved"

Read it. Internalise it

Repeat it as you run your fingers over each and every bead

Rose Quartz (Guru Stone): The stone of universal unconditional love, including self-love and mother’s love. This stone purifies and opens the heart creating space for self- acceptance and the reassuring calm that comes alongside this

Our 'Mindful Mala' collection is all about simplicity.

We have created a clean design that allow the ancient raw beauty of sandalwood to be appreciated for what it is. Sandalwood is one of the oldest incense and meditation materials that has been used throughout the world for over 4,000 years

Combined with the clarity of this positive affirmation, it becomes the perfect tool to calm the mind in any meditation and is 
also the perfect addition to any bohemic wardrobe

This beautiful mala has been hand knotted with silk thread and finished with a pink cotton tassel to represent the universal colour of love

Handmade and designed with love


108 Beads - 6mm 
1 Bead - 8mm - Exclusively engraved Chanting Stork sandalwood bead.
1 Guru Bead - Approx 10-12mm
Hangs 48cm. Length is approximate as each piece of jewelry is unique.

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