MOVEMENT INTO STILLNESS “A spring migration”

“Spread your wings and fly….Grow, play and change”

To celebrate Spring Equinox, we will be using some of the bird postures of the yoga world to stretch into our breath and our bodies. Mindfully, moving through transitions, so we become as aware of the migration as much the pose itself, and then taking our time fully absorb the benefit of what we are doing.

What to expect:
Variations of Eagle(Garudasana), Crow (Bakasana), Pigeon (Eka Pada Rajakapotasana) and Bird of paradise (Svarga Dvijasana).
Relevant pranayama (breath work) will be used along the way to enhance the practice by applying different breathing techniques with its associated benefits to each part of our yoga practice throughout this workshop. Applying the more energising and cleansing techniques during the dynamic practice and the more grounding and calming techniques for the more restorative part of the practice. This special workshop will finish with the perfect antidote; a series of grounded postures, a bolster and a blanket to allow the body to absorb everything its learnt from your spring migration.

Letting go of the heaviness from the winter months and moving forward with a sense of freshness and lightness for springtime.

This is a progressive workshop with modifications to suit all abilities.

Where: Chrishall Chapel Hall
When: 23rd March
Times: 09:00-11:15

Cost: £25 or £20 for early bird payments received before the 12th march 

Please email to save your space [email protected]



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